The Cutler Legacy Generation 1 Part 7

Meanwhile at the Caliente household…

Don and Rowan have evolved from texting and chatting on the phone to hanging out. It’s innocent enough, though they have had a few deep conversations and Don has tried to give her relationship advice.

Katrina passed away while both her daughters were pregnant. Dina first adopted a daughter, but soon met her now husband. Nina and Don began their relationship, which ended in the birth of their daughter, Katrina.

Don is such a good father, but a lousy boyfriend. Still, I absolutely love his genes (sue me lol ) and I think he’ll make an interesting addition to my legacy line.


The Cutler Legacy Generation 1 Part 6

Older men and computers

Life began to get better once Bronson finally scored his promotion. They had enough money to give their kids their own rooms! But Bronson still isn’t spending enough time with his family since his new job required him to work late nights. But before they knew it, the twins grew into teenagers!



Here is Rowan’s new look. She aspires to find her soul mate, she’s a foodie, and she’s a bit clumsy.

And then we have good old, nerdy Ezra. He is a computer whiz. Which means he would rather sit in his room on his brand new computer than go out with his mother and sister.

Which is exactly what he did. Zoe and Rowan went to the gym. Zoe wasn’t feeling like her old, skinny self so she ended up on the treadmill while Rowan piddled around on her phone. That’s when she saw him.

Those muscles.

That hat.

Those tribal tattoos.

Feeling confident, Rowan introduced herself to the hunky man at the gym.

Rowan: “Hey, nice shirt.:

Don: “Thanks. Come here often? I don’t really see you around.”

And from there, Rowan’s crush on the older man began. As soon as she got home she chatted with him on the phone. She texted him at school. What would her parents do if they found out? Rowan didn’t care that Don was her parent’s age. He was hot. One day, when she graduated high school, she would have his babies. Oh yes. She was determined.

The Cutler Legacy Generation Part 5

Family or Career?

Bronson noticed that since the move into the new house the family funds were low. He frantically made furniture for extra cash for meals, but he soon realized he needed to get a promotion in order to keep his lifestyle. So he began to study…and study…and study.

Bronson didn’t notice his son’s behaviors after school. Ezra confided in his mom about the bullies and how he doesn’t fit in. Zoe knew her son was a little shy, but she had no idea he had no friends. Not one.

Things between Zoe and her husband were a little tense. They fought more than before but thankfully, they always made up.

The Cutler Legacy Generation 1 Part 4

Birthday Fire

Life isn’t too extraordinary for the Cutlers right now. The kids go to school, Bronson and Zoe work. There was some drama in which Zoe’s ex boyfriend stalks the family, but Bronson beat him up so hopefully he will stay away.

Bronson (finally) turned into an adult. That means Zoe is a few days older than him but that’s okay. He has 18 sim days before he turns into an elder, and the twins have 11 before they turn into teens. Anywho, Zoe and BronsonĀ  took days off from work to celebrate! The Cutlers went to the park to grill and just enjoy life. (Bronson and Zoe on the bench, Rowan on the ship, and Ezra on the monkey bars)

That same night the family had some free time. While the rest of the crew watched the cooking show Ezra took it upon himself that he would rather mix chemicals in his room. He ended up causing a fire that did about $80 worth of damage. Luckily no one was hurt. Furious, Bronson took away his son’s chemistry set and got him a violin instead.

The Cutler Legacy Generation 1 Part 3

The Happy Family

Bronson and Zoe finally grew up into adults! What’s to come for them besides raising Ezra and Rowan? A mid-life crisis? New hobbies? New hairstyles? Who knows! For now, here are some adorable family pictures.

Let’s talk about the girls. Rowan and Zoe have the same hair color, though both the kids have Bronson’s blue eyes. Rowan obviously took after her mother- she’s a social butterfly who loves introducing herself to everyone. Rowan does have a bit of a forehead, but I still think she’s cute.

Can I just talk about how adorable these two boys are??? Ezra and Bronson are super adorable. I loooove them. (Possibly because they’re both red heads!) Ezra is a little nerd. He’s a whiz kid who loves sci fi and reading.

The Cutlers enjoyed time in their empty backyard. The parents bought their kiddos a science lab and a painting station. Next post we will see what the kids come up with and how their personalities will flesh out to get an idea on who will be the heir.

For now, here is Bronson looking proud of himself for teaching his kids about the art of selfie taking. There’s Zoe in the background, not looking too pleased.

The Cutler Legacy- Generation 1 Part 2

Life With Twins

The Cutlers ended up with TWO babies! Ezra (m) and Rowan (f). Bronson realized his little house would not be enough for his growing family, so he and Zoe decided to move. Their new house is bigger, better, but not cheap…

Raising the twins in a new house didn’t prove to be easy. Zoe and Bronson had to take off work for a few days in order to properly look after Ezra and Rowan. Zoe fed the babies in the middle of the night while Bronson slept like a baby. Of course, fun loving Zoe didn’t mind making goofy faces at her babies. During the day, Bronson would cook 3 meals so Zoe wouldn’t have to worry about food. (As if she ever does, she sucks at cooking).

Every night, Zoe’s creepy ex boyfriend would stand outside their new house for a few hours. Wtf.

In the end, even though Zoe did the hard work, the happy couple would always find time to spend together. Even if it meant taking a nap.

Happy Simming!

The Cutler Legacy…Generation 1 Part 1


Bronson moved out on his own and decided to settle down in a nice suburb. He has a passion for cooking, but life as a caterer didn’t bring in the money he wanted. As a hobby he took up making furniture.

In his free nights, Bronson, single and ready to mingle, scouted out the night clubs and bars. He was determined to find himself a lady friend! First he “dated” Nina. Nina was fun and carefree but wasn’t as serious was Bronson. Then there was her sister, Dina. Although the blonde was a bit more serious than her fiery red-headed sister, all she seemed to care about was money. Which was something Broson didn’t really have…Finally, there was Zoe.

Cheerful, outgoing Zoe! Bronson was in the friend zone for quite a while! She would flirt and hug Bronson but as soon as he was feeling confident enough to make a move she would reject him! All while Bronson was fooling around with the Caliente girls, his eyes were on Zoe. After he officially dropped the sisters Zoe finally unfriendzoned him!

Finally! She moved in with him and the two got married and even earned an award for wedding on the month! Soon after, Zoe found out she was pregnant with twins! Will they be boys or girls?? Find out next post!